G&S Cruiser Parts


Check these out!

Cruisin Offroad
Jason's got mad fab skills.  If you can think it he can build it.
Go with one of his stock designs or get it build from scratch the way you want it.

Drifta Kitchens
Luke builds some fine kit.  Whether you are a full on Expedition nut or weekend at the KOA folks, Luke has something to suit.  Dealer in WA USA too!

Radd Cruisers/ E4 Auto

John and Rob have been keepin the Vancouver Island Cruisers running right for years.
Looking for parts or service on the island, check with Radd.

This is THE best place on the net for all things Land Cruiser.  Join the forum!

Hanna Quality

Not only is Ken a heck of a nice guy, he is the builder of some of the finest Cruiser stuff on the planet.  He's got a cool dog too.

Expedition Portal
When you can't be out there yourself it's great to be able read about those that are.

John and his crew at ATEB have been specializing in JDM Land Cruisers since they started coming off the boat.

New to Cruisers?  Rob Mullen's FAQ is a must read.  The most comprehensive compilation of Land Cruiser Specs and info on the planet

If you don't have Toyota EPC then this is the next best thing.  It was better before Toyota forced them to pull all the line drawings due to some perceived infringement

Rocky Mountain Imports 
John is the guy to call for all those JDM specific new parts, Rage Big Bore exhaust kits etc.

Equipt Expedition Outfitters 
Paul May has scoured the planet for the best gear so that you don't have to.  Buy it right here North America.  Highly respected names in the Expedition Gear like Eezie Awn, National Luna.
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